In this document is all of the important information about registration to PARKOUR MEETING BANSKA BYSTRICA 2018 (Thursday 26.7.2018 – Sunday 29.7.2018) – 8th year of the biggest international meeting of traceurs and freerunners in Slovakia.

Our big guest is Aral Roca Gomez, an athlete from Born to Trace (Spain).


- four-day long international parkour gathering – joint training of all traceurs, freerunners and even beginners in Banska Bystrica

- 26–29 July 2018

- Ice Stadium – Hall B, Hronské predmestie 4, 974 01, Banská Bystrica

- individual (train station – 7 min walk, bus station – 5 min walk)

Registration deadline:

- 15 May–18 June 2018 (20:00)

Registration fee:
- 16 EUR (in case of bank transfer until 18 June 2018),
- 20 EUR (in case of paying at the venue, or bank transfer after 18 June 2018)

ATTENTION! Children under 13 (including) must fulfill the registration of both the child and the parent or legal guardian (both have to bring The registration form and declaration) for the individual registration fee:

- 25 EUR (in case of bank transfer until 18 June 2018),
- 30 EUR (in case of paying at the venue, or bank transfer after 18 June 2018)

Registration fee includes:
- t-shirt (NB: it will be a different brand than in the previous years, so choose your size wisely; size specification)
- training in the hall with obstacles
- 3x sleeping place (Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night)
- showers, toilets, water, and electricity in the hall
- other surprises from our sponsors

Required equipment:
- printed and filled registration form and declaration
- health insurance card
- ID card (if you are over 15)
- sport shoes
- clothing
- sleeping bag and mat
- money for food (Kaufland (big grocery store) – 8 min walk)
- hygiene products (towel, soap/shower gel, toothbrush and paste, toilet paper)
- small spoon

Preliminary schedule (may be changed):

Official OPENING on Thursday 26 July 2018 at 6 pm

Thursday 26.7.2018
- from 3 pm – the arrival of participants to the venue, registration, individual training, relax

Friday 27.7.2018 and Saturday 28.7.2018 (for registered participants)
- training and workshops in the park under the Memorial of SNP (Slovak National Uprising)
- training at chosen spots in Banska Bystrica
- training and workshops in the sports hall
- meeting group challenges (more info on site)
- presentation of parkour videos

Friday 27.7.2018 and Saturday 28.7.2018 (for public)
- free entry
- info leaflets about parkour
- watching of parkour training
- presentation of non-commercial parkour movies
- group warm-up in the park under the Memorial of SNP (Slovak National Uprising)
- short workshops with a possibility of trying various techniques

Sunday 29.7.2018 (for registered participants)
- the individual departure of participants

During the event, first aid will be present, however, transfer to hospital and any payments for treatment or drugs are on the participants themselves.

Security regulations for all participants:
It is forbidden to not comply with warnings of organizers!
It is forbidden to act irresponsibly and endanger others!
It is forbidden to endanger the health of himself/herself and others!
It is forbidden to bring guns and other life-threatening weapons!
It is forbidden to drink alcohol and use drugs and coming to the venue with them or under their influence!
It is forbidden to smoke!
It is forbidden to train in other areas than designed! (including a blue bridge nearby the venue)
It is forbidden to disturb during quiet hours (after 10 pm). The hall will lock at 12 pm without any exception!
It is forbidden to eat and drink in playing field in sports hall!
It is forbidden to be vulgar!
It is forbidden to make a mess!
It is forbidden to sell stuff/products of individuals or crews and promoting commercial training!

Participants are fully responsible for their health and injuries sustained during the event!
Participants are fully responsible for their items even in the case of theft or loss!

Exclusion from the event is penalized for serious or recurring violation of the security regulations mentioned above. It is not possible to refund the registration fee, and there is a penalty instead (weight of penalty depends on the relevance of a situation). We are confident that parkour practitioners behavior is familiar with the parkour philosophy and does not allow any violation of the security regulations. However, it is possible that also people who do not respect or understand this philosophy will come (that's why all of the security regulations). We would like to result this event in the best way and hope everybody will have remembered just the best of his / her memories and experiences. If any problem occurs, feel free to interrupt the organizational team.

- registration to the event Parkour Meeting Banská Bystrica 2018 is COMPULSORY for all of them, who would like to attend the meeting actively OR they are supervision with the need of sleeping compartments
- registration to the event Parkour Meeting Banská Bystrica 2018 is NOT COMPULSORY for people as the general public, spectators, photographers, cameramen, etc.

Everyone, who is due to attend the meeting this year and last year performed the registration process and did not come, has to pay the registration fee in advance (otherwise he/she is not allowed to engage in the meeting).

For a successful registration to the event PARKOUR MEETING BANSKÁ BYSTRICA 2018 it is necessary to do:

1) correctly and genuinely fill out The registration form and declaration (which is binding registration) and mail it to until 18 June 2018 (20:00). If the registration proceeds successfully, we reply to You about it in three days.

2) pay the registration fee:
    A) 16 EUR / 25 EUR (see above) in case of bank transfer until 18 June 2018:
        - beneficiary's account number: 000000-0305794710/0900
        - bank code: 0900
        - IBAN: SK6609000000000305794710
        - variable symbol: ID number of the participant who is due to register (needed for identification of the payer)
        - recipient's name: Natália Luptáková
        - message for beneficiary: PKMBB2018
    B) 20 EUR / 30 EUR (see above) in case of paying at the venue, or bank transfer after 18 June 2018

3) deliver correctly and truly filled out and printed out and signed and sealed The registration form and declaration at the arrival to the meeting

Paid registration fee is not refunded in any way in the case of absence in the meeting, because of the binding registration.

Participants younger than 18-year-old have to do the same as others, but also let his / her parent or legal guardian read this text and sign the declaration as a result of familiarization with the conditions of attendance of his / her child at the meeting. Every participant has to bring this form, printed out and signed, at the meeting. Otherwise, he/she is not allowed to engage in the meeting.

The registration form and declaration:
The document is available at

If You have any question, feel free to contact us by email or by phone: +421 905 743 793 (Jakub "Rainy" Forgacs).

NB: the information in this text might be updated!
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